Southwestern Connecticut deserves high-quality, in-depth news.

Dive deeper. Go beyond the headlines. 

Coastal Connecticut Times will dive into local challenges, explore potential solutions, and provide you with the information you need to be more engaged and informed about your community. We're here to help you understand what's happening—and why— in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, and Fairfield.


We aim to explore what it means to be part of a growing region in Connecticut that's home to almost 400,000 people:

  • What do plans for transit-oriented developments near our train stations look like?
  • How do residential and industrial uses coexist in our cities, such as in Stamford and Norwalk?
  • How have the costs—and benefits—of new development projects impacted the region?

We'll explore our unique home, one that sits along the Long Island Sound and near various rivers, urban forests, and former industrial sites:

  • What potential solutions are there to address growing flooding issues? 
  • How are we remediating and revitalizing former industrial areas?
  • How are our coastal communities adapting to a changing climate?

Getting from point A to B can be challenging, no matter what mode of transportation you take. We'll explore the impacts of the Metro-North, I-95, the Merritt Parkway, and various bus lines:

  • What does the future of public transportation look like, including exploring ideas such as micro-transit? 
  • What impact will large-scale projects, such as the Walk Bridge in Norwalk, have?
  • How can this area become more bike and pedestrian friendly?

Our local governments spend about $2 billion each year, and we're here to help keep track of where that money is going:

  • What investments are being made with American Rescue Plan funds?
  • How are school districts dealing with extra costs such as addressing COVID-19-related learning losses? 
  • How much does it cost to park in each town and why?


Our Mission

Southwestern Connecticut is the economic driver for the state and home to some of its largest and most diverse cities. It deserves a news organization that is devoted to informing and connecting those who call it home. 

  • Why is there more flooding in areas that previously had little trouble staying dry?
  • What impact does traffic have on the region—on safety, on the economy, and on people? 
  • How have new developments grown and transformed the region—and how has our infrastructure adapted? 


These are just a few areas Coastal Connecticut Times plans to explore. We aim to not just state the problems, but also to highlight potential solutions and empower people to engage with their community.  

We'll provide stories around issues that residents care about—particularly development, transportation, and the environment—along the coast of Connecticut, from Greenwich to Fairfield.

Our Values

  • We believe that all residents, regardless of race, gender, income level, or ability deserve access to high-quality news.
  • We will focus on stories that inform, engage, and inspire residents.
  • We value independent, local news.
  • We will not simply describe challenges, but also explore potential solutions.
  • We aim to uplift the voices of those who aren't always heard.

Meet Kelly, Founder of Coastal Connecticut Times

Hi! I’m Kelly (Kultys) Prinz, an award-winning journalist with more than five years of experience covering everything from the opioid crisis to education funding. I’ve previously worked for The Norwalk Hour, The Burlington County Times in New Jersey, and WFUV in New York, and have freelanced for outlets such as NancyonNorwalk. I moved to Norwalk three years ago with my husband and have fallen in love with this area. 

I’m launching Coastal Connecticut Times to provide high-quality, in-depth stories that our communities deserve. As someone who loves this area, I’ve grown frustrated with the lack of in-depth coverage into the issues that matter to residents' quality of life, particularly in the areas of development, transportation, and the environment. I’m starting Coastal Connecticut Times to help residents stay better informed about what’s happening and the reasons behind it. 

Join me and be a part of a new way of local news.

Coastal Connecticut Times has heard from residents:

“People’s trust in institutions, including local government and the media has eroded. We need a news service that empowers people.”

—Stamford Resident

"There's so much info-tainment, unproductive journalism. I want something that goes beyond the headlines."

—Norwalk Resident

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